Oh, hi there.

No mo' mono

Is this thing on?

I’m a blue-haired mama who has no idea what’s in store for tomorrow. I don’t have a job or a plan, no menu set for the kid and no appointments. Of course, I do hope to get back to work soon and I also hope to feed the child something healthy-ish, but right now, I’ve got nothing.

I’ve been writing journals for years now and I figured I may as well take this thing online. Isn’t that what all the cool kids are doing these days? Or are we writing blogs ironically now? I’m not all caught up with the trends yet. I think the word ‘trends’ isn’t cool anymore. Sigh. I’ll stick to what I know and I hope you enjoy it.

P.S: As to what Pigs, Figs and Higgs stand for, I’ll get into it in a separate post. I promise you, it’s more than just my favourite things that just happen to rhyme.

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